Thursday, February 25, 2010

Featured Book: My Edens After Burns, by Val Kilmer

Yes, that Val Kilmer. Who knew? In 1987, between his role in Top Gun as the unforgettable Ice Man and his breakout turn in Willow, Kilmer commissioned Sante Fe's Blue Feather Press to print an ambitious collection of personal poetry. Topics in My Edens After Burns range from Michelle Pfieffer (a former lover) to Kilmer's time at Juillard, and his passion is clearly evinced in a liberal use of the capslock key. Fans have compared his verse to Jim Morrison's, whom he portrayed in Oliver Stone's 1991 film The Doors.

The colophon states the print run was limited to 2,000 copies, but rumor has it that far fewer ever made it into the public's hands. Most copies known to exist are signed and inscribed to Kilmer's friends, associates, and family and are thought to number less than 100; depending on who you ask, the remaining copies were either never printed or are kept in a box in Kilmer's garage.

Title Page, with SignatureThis particular copy is unusual in that it bears only Kilmer's autograph without inscription on the title page. The wraps have some shelfwear and a small thumbing crease to cover; the corners are minimally bumped. The interior pages are bright and unmarked, save for the signature and a price penciled on the title page by a former bookseller. Highly sought after by collectors, the books have fetched upward of $1200 on eBay. Swamp Rabbit Books is offering our copy for sale at $464.99 with shipping included if you pay below through PayPal.

The shirtless poet himself, on the final page of the book.

My Edens After Burns, by Val Kilmer
First Edition (limited to 2,000 copies)
Sante Fe: Blue Feather Press. 147 pp.

$464.99, shipping included SOLD

Wednesday, February 24, 2010